MAXCHEM Petroleum is researched and developed thoroughly metal working lubricants are expertly formulated with high quality materials to assure the best performance of any metal-forming operation. As demands for higher manufacturing output continue to increase within every sector of industry, the demands for superior high film strength drawing and stamping oils and lubricants formulated specifically for these modern challenges. MAXCHEM Petroleum is ever-ready to provide these lubrication solutions and provide the best metalworking lubricants and customer service in the industry.

Fast Dry Stamping Oil

The fast dry drawing and stamping lubricants is engineered with components that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, clean and low foaming, highly stable, economical and environmentally responsible.

Non Dry Stamping Oil

A synthetic, highly non dry evaporative forming and stamping fluid, specially developed for use on a variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals where a high level of part cleanliness is required. It provides the ultimate balance between lubrication and evaporation, protecting dies and punches whilst giving a virtually dry finished part. In the majority of cases parts may be powder coated or painted without resorting to time consuming parts cleaning or costly vapour degreasing.